Time To Say Goodbye

It was almost three years ago I started this blog. I was in a wilderness, of sorts, no one around for I’d turned and ran Home. Okay, I limped. Apprehensively. I had so much to process and work through and regurgitate and bleed. So that’s what I did here. Under the guise of wanting to share my story of course. Ahem. Then over the course of these years it changed because things got processed (though I am still going through one and always will be) and worked through (see previous comment) and regurgitated and bled out. My words started to change to offer hope in and through the story of God’s redemption in my rebel story, which will stun me to my core until the day I see Him face to Face. But then present day is here and I feel like the Wind is blowing with a brand new blog idea. I believe it’s time to put this one to bed. This new place isn’t about me – I think. I hope. It’s about my writing having taken a change for the deeper and the larger and the reality of God in the everyday things and I want to share and be a partner with Him in bringing His reality to us all – weary, worn, captive and seeking.

My heart and passion will always be for the rebel, the prodigal, the one so deeply wounded and frustrated and bound by religion that they turned from God to find reprieve, freedom, or to just run like hell until they wear down. He knows this and honors this holy desire with the people He brings me, through no effort of my own.

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I hope to hear from you soon…….


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About Becky Johnson

I am a lover of life & laughter. I live and write with my heart on my sleeve. I love George Straight, Tom Petty & Jesus. But not in that order. Be prepared for anything, really. View all posts by Becky Johnson

6 responses to “Time To Say Goodbye

  • Rhonda Barr

    Ohh girl…. <3 I stand amazed and pretty much speechless at what He has done and is doing in and through you,.. in my own life and in others that I get to watch Him work in because you shared the deepest part of your soul with all of us. And now your Journey is taking a new turn… and I cannot wait to see what He has for us all now as we walk with Him together and serve His people here in this place that is not really a place, but His heart for us …and …I just want to take off my shoes:)… I feel an amazing breeze coming down this new road,,, <3 Ohh, I love you, Rebekah <3

  • Sarah Brem

    I absolutely love hearing your thoughts. Can’t wait to hear more of your heart. I have felt such a turning of soil in my spirit over this past year. Things are coming from a deeper place and taking root that have just seemed out of reach or for someone else. I tell my grandchildren that God made them a put them here just for this time, for this generation, just as they are, to love Him like no other, and to love others in a way no one else can. I never thought that about myself, but I’m starting to recognize that this is that time and I do have purpose and everything in my life has had, and does have purpose because of His redemption and restoration. I want to run and dance and just sing him love songs to celebrate His beauty and His love for us. You’re time is definitely now and you are changing history with your stories, your truth, your love for others and most of all because You tell others how He loves you. Don’t stop writing….

  • fotomama986

    WELL DONE! You started your path here…it is only a beginning of where God wants to take you. Thank you seems so tiny and yet said with my whole soul; thank you for continuing to spill your heart of here. Thank you for continuing to share your true, authentic soul here. God honors that in a serious way. This is where we met(isn) and I am sooo thrilled to be on this incredible journey with you, a kindred. Nighty Night A Journey Paved With Grace…hello to the new horizons of Grit & Grace ~ A Journal.

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