A Timely Article

A friend shared this article on facebook this morning. So good! Just so, so good! Thank you Georgi!

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About Becky

The eyes of my heart look and therefore find the gospel in every day things and people and stories. I live to write about it. Some might take issue with my lack of Scripture quoting but I'm spreading truth in a readable form for those who, for whatever million and one reasons, are disenfranchised or unchurched or distrusting or rejected by the mainstream; wrestling with their own faith or failure or belief or lack of. It is not for everyone I must admit and accept (especially the long held pew-warmer), but it is who I am and how I see the world and reason I write. I love to write words that weave hope with the beautiful struggle of being alive. Not denying either; there being hope or there being a struggle in being alive. My rebel heart has been confronted by the One who heaven loosed on earth all those centuries ago; the One who still walks the dirty streets in the most unexpected ways, and invades the least likely of hearts. I write, also, to have eyes to see and ears to hear. I write to keep my heart wide open to the mystery. I write for those like myself who are desperate to find hope in the hopelessness, to see light in the darkness, and those who ache for love, the real and true kind. I write to encourage authenticity and discourage conformity. I write to stay honest with myself. I write for you and I write for me. But mostly I write like a prayer: human and holy, filled with hope and struggle; grit and grace. The words on this page are not fast-food drive-thru words. I write deep and long. I mean for my words to stop us all dead in our tracks as I rebel against the status quo (of our world and christiandom) and call out the emperor for being naked. Rather than leaning on things of this world that are quick and shallow, leaving us empty and starving for more, I lean on the One who is of another Kingdom and fills us abundantly with Himself. If I had one final thing to write (ever) it would be this: He loves you. Right there where you are, mess and doubt and fear and all. He loves you. Lean in. Trust it. I'm learning to do the same, let's do it together. Becky ♥ View all posts by Becky

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